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What to Outsource, and What to Do Yourself

Management / 16 Oct 2019

It’s so tempting to want to do everything in your new business that you can easily get overwhelmed with the tower of tasks threatening to tumble at any moment. But despite how much you know you need to do, you’re determined to carry on and get it all done yourself with no outside help.

It’s okay to try this, but you can never be sure how long that will last. It’s unlikely you’ll manage to do it, at least, for very long at all. With this in mind, it’s essential to consider the benefits of streamlining responsibilities by outsourcing and how doing so can help you be better, more productive, and above all, happier.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing is a great way to reduce your responsibilities and give yourself some breathing room to be at the top of your game with other parts of your company. By easing the workload, you’re able to get more done and have fewer things to worry about. This will prevent exhaustion and burnout, and keep you going when the workload mounts.

What to Outsource?

If you’re unsure about the best parts of the job to outsource, here’s a little guide to the departments that benefit most from looking outside the company.


Running a business is stressful enough without dealing with maintaining your website, running diagnostics, and protecting your data, so try outsourcing it to a firm that will put your needs at the forefront. If you’re not the techiest person around, read more about what IT consultancy can do for you.


Another unwanted but necessary stress is invoices, taxes, and payroll for your company. The larger the company gets, the more difficult it becomes. You can overcome this by seeking an external accountant will be beneficial to ensure all the books are as they should be.

Why Do It Yourself?

If you want something done right, you’ll have to do it yourself. There are aspects of your business that need to align with your vision, and this requires you to steer them in the correct direction. Doing it yourself allows you total control and helps you see a project or task through to completion exactly how you wanted it.

What to Do Yourself?

While there are plenty of things you can (and often should) outsource, there are just as many things you should do yourself too.


Being in charge of your recruitment helps you see the candidates first hand and gives you a chance to consider their suitability for any position. You can gauge how they will fit into the company culture and also clarify any concerns directly.


Nobody understands what your business can do more than you, which is why taking the brunt of pitching duties is essential. With this, you can present your company precisely as it is and answer any tricky questions outsourced services may struggle with.

Finding the Right Balance

Loosening the reins is not always a bad thing, and it could end up saving your business from crashing and burning. While it can be hard to pass some responsibility off to agencies, sometimes it’s exactly what you need. But don’t outsource everything.

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