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How to Make Your Best Hire

Business, Management / 10 Jul 2019

Setting up your business was the nerve wracking part, taking that leap of faith into the unknown and wondering if you’d made the right decision to go solo. Go solo you did though and you haven’t looked back. Sure there have been hurdles to overcome along the way but you’ve seen your business grow and thrive so now it’s time to take that next step.

You’re used to taking risks but they have always been on your head, when it comes to hiring a team to take your business into the next stage of growth that new responsibility can be scary

So, where do you start when you’re moving on from solopreneur to boss? In this blog, we go through the stages of recruiting and how you can make the best team hire.

Set Your Goals

You know what needs to be done, jobs that you’re struggling to take on so it’s time to put those jobs down on paper. You might find that once you start listing them, one or two jobs quickly becomes three or four. If you have the budget for that many allocations then great but if not you’ll have to prioritise the order of recruitment.

Once you’ve identified the job roles you’ll need to delve deeper into them individually and draw up descriptions of the kind of person you’ll need to take them on. Think about the skills they’ll need, the experience and education you prefer they have and so on. Be as detailed as you need to at this stage to help narrow down your preferred candidate.

The Sift

Once you’ve created and posted your job opportunities, the hard work begins. You may well find yourself inundated with applications. The initial sift will be to set aside the most obvious unsuitable candidates. You’ll be looking for around three to five per post that you’ve created to go through to the interview stage.

Set interview dates and give yourself time to adequately prepare questions. You might also want to think about how you’ll follow through the recruitment stage by choosing the best onboarding software to make the post-recruitment stage that bit easier.

The Interview

While your interviewee will be nervous you’re looking to see how they cope under pressure and for them to demonstrate by giving examples, some of the skills they claim to have on their application.

You’re looking for evidence of skills, their general attitude and how they would benefit your business. If you value experience over education, be prepared to overlook the fact that a degree isn’t present and keep an open mind.

Going with your gut instinct is also a valid assessment tool and if you struggle to communicate and connect with a candidate, think why this might be. Chances are it won’t get better if you employ them.

Your business is your baby, but it’s time to let others help you grow it. Find a team that works as hard as you do and accelerates you forward to achieving your business goals through hard work and dedication.

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