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Some Novel Ideas for Additional Income Streams

Make Money / 13 Sep 2017

Whatever bold ambitions a budding entrepreneur may have for their new business, aside from the unlikely event of a big and lucrative contract appearing on day one there must inevitably be a build-up period. During that period, in which the embryonic new enterprise will be tentatively feeling its way into the world of commerce, bills still have to paid and outgoings met. Where necessary capital might be obtained through loans and credit, but any prudent business person would wish to keep debts to a minimum. Therefore, for such a person it would make good sense to seek out an additional income, at least until the business has had an opportunity to consolidate.

Some get around this by taking up paid employment, maybe on a part-time basis to enable time for building the business. Others may look for a residual income using their internet skills, and for those people there are a few options available:

Affiliate Marketing

Many big corporations such as Amazon or some of the more established names in online betting will pay web owners and bloggers a percentage of any sales made through adverts placed on their sites. Usually it will just involve signing up and agreeing a few terms, with all the creative provided by the advertiser. You just enter some code into your site and wait for the money to come in.

Online Surveys

Not very generous in the payment stakes, but you can make a small additional income whilst sitting on the train, taking a bath or watching the TV by filling out surveys for market research companies. Many people make in excess of $100 per week doing this – it all helps.

Write an eBook

Amazon offer a very user-friendly design tool for uploading your own eBook on any subject of your choice, and also provide the platform from which to sell it. Once the hard work is done, all you have to do is sell it.

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