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Opt for Outsourcing

Business, Management / 11 Jun 2019

How’s business? Possibly a question you get asked a lot, by friends, family and old colleagues. The real question you ask yourself is “how much do you really want to know?”. Do they really want to know about that killer contract you landed today, or the fact that sometimes you feel overwhelmed and out on a limb? In all honestly they don’t so you’ll answer by telling them business is good and leave it right there, on to the next set of social niceties.

When you’re out on your own, your business is on your mind a lot and questions like these do have a habit of pulling you up short and forcing you to carry out a quick mental assessment of how business really is going.

Are you struggling, working at full capacity or are the jobs not rolling in as fast as you’d like? What could you improve your business and what’s working well? When you find you’re asking questions like this to yourself, it’s often the ideal time to take a proper assessment of where you are and which rung you need to climb next on the ladder of your success.

In this short blog we take a look at one idea that might just take your business on towards the next level.


Very often, in order for a business to grow, it needs some help. You are only one person and you can only be stretched so far. You need someone or some people to help you achieve your dreams. It’s not easy, trusting someone else with aspects of your business and that’s why a traditional recruiting process isn’t necessarily for everyone or indeed you.

Instead how about taking on some virtual assistance for your business services? A PA that works remotely, picking up jobs such as answering and filtering your calls, responding to email inquiries and scheduling your social media posts? You can have them work full or part time or for a set number of hours a week on a contractual basis, with minimal training and without having to go through a regular training and evaluation process.

Apply the same process for your accounts by outsourcing your books to an online company. Have them take control of your invoicing and tax details, taking the burden off of you and letting you get on with what you enjoy best: your job and talking to your customer base.

Outsourcing to remote services is one of the best ways to take the pressure off of your daily working day without the greater commitment of recruiting, training and evaluating staff. With less of a relationship it does have its drawbacks. You won’t have someone you can have face-to-face dialogue with for a start, but the advantages way well outweigh this in the long run.

Whether you choose to appoint a virtual assistant or take on some accounting assistance, give yourself the chance to grow your company and see where outsourcing will take you.

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