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Hi, my name is Graciana Belli – Graci to my friends – and I am a personal finance and lifestyle coach from São Paulo, Brazil. Welcome to my website, which I am hoping will grow into a great resource for visitors seeking more information about all aspects of personal finance – from insurance to real estate, from credit and loans, through business finance to money management. I have a wealth of experience in the field which I am looking forward to sharing with you.

My passion for finance blogging began a few years back with a simple Instagram account, sharing photos relating to fashion and lifestyle as millions of girls all over the world do every day of the year. I was pleasantly surprised by the popularity it quickly gained, especially amongst a Brazilian audience, and subscribers began to send me questions on a whole range of topics. That’s what gave me the idea to set up a personal blog. Although Portuguese is my native tongue I decided to convey my ideas and experiences in English in order to reach a wider audience.

Invaluable Insights

I have found that blogging is a really good way of conveying helpful information which might be useful to visitors whilst at the same time benefiting me in my work. Through passing on my knowledge and discussing matters of personal finance with others I hope to gain new clients and to market a whole range of products and services.

Successful bloggers can make a substantial residual income from advertising, as well as through programs such as Adsense and Amazon affiliates. In my case I also offer a bespoke professional consultation service from which a great many people have already gained invaluable insights and perspectives.

My Goals for the Blog

My ultimate ambition is to build this site into a powerful interactive resource from which both I and my visitors will derive enormous benefits, both in terms of knowledge gained and from a commercial standpoint. I will be looking for input and audience participation to turn this into a popular, vibrant business and personal finance hub which works for you as well as for me.

Take a look through the site and spend some time reading my articles on all aspects of money and financial management. Feel free to contact me to advertise your own service or product and take advantage of my large and growing readership. Enjoy, and please don’t forget to send me your feedback.