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Is It Time Your Business Moved Home?

Business, Management / 07 Apr 2019

You’ve set up your own small home-based business. Presumably you have made some progress. Possibly you’ve built it up to a certain stage and are eager to move it up onto another level. But something is holding you back.

Now is the time to take a good look at your SME – its progress, the situation it finds itself in, and where you expect it will be in, let’s say, two years’ time. It’s fair to assume that you’d expect it to grow further. So what is stopping you?

Performing an audit of your day to day work and its various outcomes is essential if you are to understand what is blocking your progress. And if it is anything to do with your physical work environment  – office too small, too many distractions, kids at home with competing and sometimes unreasonable demands, inappropriate location – then it might be time to consider relocating the whole operation to someplace else.

When Working from Home Becomes a Drawback

The advantages to be had from working out of your own living room are manifold, but often those very advantages turn into disadvantages once you have reached a certain level of achievement. The well-established and popular Motley Fool website identifies a number of problems which are inherent from work out of a modest dwelling premises. Amongst them is actually loneliness. Across the pond there is a saying that an Englishman’s home is his castle, but it can also be his dungeon. If world war had broken out yesterday can you be sure that anyone would even have gotten around to letting you know?

Distractions are another big issue. When you work from home friends, family and contacts for some reason seem to assume that you are not really working, and that it is therefore okay to drag you away on the slightest pretext. You can deal with this by resetting your body clock and getting up at the crack of dawn to perform your work while everyone else is asleep, but should you have to?

Time to Move On

If much of this rings true then it could well be time to move on. Find yourself a good removal service like Bekins Moving Solutions and take your business to a different location, either locally or in some remote far-off land where nobody is going to bother you ever again.

A home-based business is a fine arrangement for when you are starting out. It saves you the cost of opening a perhaps expensive premises and the valuable time it would otherwise take you to travel to and from work. But there is a point at which you outgrow it, and that is when it is time to move on.

When this happens take a day out to consider what would be the ideal move for you. Factor in cost, office space, location, the process of moving, any employment issues and your local market and find a solution which works for you and for your business.

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