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Is There a Space for You in Property Development?

Real Estate / 17 Mar 2020

Property development is still one of the fastest growing industries because of how many people need a home. If there is a piece of land that’s free you best believe that property developers are in talks to try and secure the land. This isn’t as easy as someone saying yes that’s fine. It can take years of planning approval to be able to secure a piece of land to try and build on.

But the race to build houses still goes on, and there are now more big property developers that are growing in business because of the booking property market. Some would say that it’s making it too crowded or that eventually the need for homes is going to run out. However, we know that if people keep having as many babies as they are the need for property is always going to go up. So, how could you slot into all of this? Well, you could do so pretty easily, and we’re going to talk you through a few ways of being able to do it.

Invest in a Property or Two

Investing in a property or two is not as easy as the title made it sound. In fact, to invest in a property or two you need to have a clear plan, and you need to understand that it’s going to be a long term investment and one that’s only going to pay off in the many years to come. All you have to do is secure a deposit on the first home, and that can often be done by remortgaging the one that you have now. That gives you a little pot of money to be able to play with. You can then focus on which home you’re going to buy into and how you’re going to rent it out. Greta real estate might be something you want to check out if you’re looking for a good home that will makeYou need to stick to rules and regulations to make sure that you’re doing everything properly. In around 25 years time the mortgage will be paid off and you’ll be able to sell the house and live off a big profit.

Consider a Build

This is something to consider if you’re thinking about getting into full property developer mode. A build isn’t going to be the easiest to do, so why not start off with something small and highly profitable like a log cabin. A log cabin is going to cost a fraction of the price to build, and everyone is into a log cabin break at the minute. So if you don’t decide to rent it out and make money back that way, you could easily sell it to someone who is trying to do that. It gives you a feel of how to manage a project, and it sounds far more exciting than trying to manage a home build. Maybe years in the future if you get a taste for project builds you will end up doing a few.

Buying & Selling

Finally, you can simply try buying and selling. Buying a home and perhaps making a few minor changes to it, then reselling it when you see the market changing. It might be a waiting game but you wouldn’t have to wait too long!

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