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When Only Perfect Will Do, You Must Raise Your Standards

Business / 19 Mar 2020

When it comes to running a business, we have very many contingencies in place to help us through issues that take place. For instance, we have insurance to help us against theft or damage to our property, allowing us to fund our repairs as appropriate. Yet despite the crucial presence of said contingencies, they must never be relied upon as a safety net to excuse bad practice.

There are some things we simply must not accept, and we must continually raise our standards to get there. For instance, any worthwhile chef will simply not allow their team to give someone food poisoning, ensuring that incompetent or uncaring staff are fired in an instant if caught to be risking this outcome. Again, businesses should always have a targeted goal and baseline standard of zero workplace injuries as year, as allowing even one is not acceptable for obvious and clear reasons.

This allows us to always strive for perfection in the areas that truly matter, no matter how realistic that goal is. But how can we approximate this effort to work for us, rather than against us? With the following advice:

Protecting Against Disaster

Protecting against disaster is essential. We cannot completely prevent issues from taking place in this regard, but we can ensure that no matter what, our standards are there to bounce back with care and attention. Backup and Disaster recovery services can, in this instance, allow us to recover our lost data, protect our client’s information, and get functional once more with protected cloud backups in the shortest time possible. In other words, contributing to this disaster must never be a standard you accept.

Lowering Your Risk, Heightening Your Safeguards

It’s essential to do your best to lower the risk of bad outcomes while heightening your safeguards to ensure there are a multiple number of stages to prevent the worst from happening. For instance, fire reporting systems, sprinklers, easy escape routes, the means in which to protect staff and only as a second priority our office is essential. The more we can factor in everything that may go wrong and protect against it, the better our approach will be, and the less the bad will develop into the worst.

Accountability & Regular Reviews

It’s important to ensure that accountability in your firm is near-perfect With managing staff profiles, their keycard access, and your security implements, you can ensure that best practice is being followed at all times. This may seem overbearing, and of course it shouldn’t be used to create some kind of overly observant and critical culture. But if you find that products are being damaged, or safety equipment isn’t being worn, or hygiene standards aren’t up to scratch, ensuring that you know who the culprits are and why this practice is not being followed can help you make appropriate changes as time goes by.

With this advice, we hope you can raise your standards when only perfect will do.

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