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5 Best Cost-Saving Alternative Modes of Transportation

Saving / 12 May 2021

Although cars have one of the lowest returns on investment, they’re a necessity for many. In addition to the high upfront costs, they also require constant maintenance, insurance, and fuel expenses. While ditching the car entirely isn’t for everyone, here are five alternative modes of transportation to consider using some or all of the time instead.


Motorcycles have a reputation for being the preferred transportation for bad boys (or gals), thrill-seekers, and those going through a midlife crisis. This reputation is unfair, as motorcycles can be a sensible choice for many.

If you’re looking to save a little money, a motorcycle is a perfect alternative to a car. In addition to the upfront cost being considerably lower, you’ll also spend much less on fuel, as well as save on insurance. There are also lots of accessories for bikes these days, such as a BMW motorcycle GPS, so you can enjoy the same comforts you would in a car.

If a motorcycle is a little too wild for you, consider getting a scooter instead. Though they’re not as fast, scooters are a lot easier to ride and get a driving permit for.


If you don’t have to commute great distances regularly, consider forgoing a motorized vehicle entirely and investing in a bicycle. With a few accessories, a bike can be very practical. It’s also a great way to get a little extra exercise and improve your overall health. What’s not to love?

For a little extra help getting up those hills, go for an electric bicycle instead. These can set you back a couple thousand if buying new, but when you compare that cost to the amount you’ll save on fuel and insurance, it’s worth it.

Roller Skates

Although the 1950s are long gone, you can still take inspiration from this era. To get around more quickly than you could walking, a pair of roller skates or blades will do the trick. A brand new pair will only set you back about a hundred bucks, making them one of the most affordable transportation options out there.

In addition to cost-effectiveness, roller skating will improve your flexibility, endurance, and heart health.

Public Transportation

If you live in a city with decent public transport, consider taking advantage of it. In many cities, you can get rebates for transit passes, making it even more affordable.

Though it may take longer to get to where you need to go, public transport can also make your commute more comfortable. Instead of worrying about traffic or driving safely through poor weather conditions, you get to sit back and relax. Use your commute time to get some work done, or just enjoy some music or an audiobook while your mind takes a much-needed break from the grind of the day.


Last but not least, walking where you need to go will cost you nothing at all. Other than a pair of sturdy sneakers, there’s no additional equipment required.

Of course, some cities and towns are more walkable than others. If you don’t currently live somewhere walkable, put this at the top of your priority list when the time comes to move.

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