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Applying SEO Strategies for Building Your Herbal Medicines Business

Marketing / 05 May 2019

Herbal medicine is “alternative” in much more than strictly the one sense. It is a whole new world of discovery belonging at once both to the future and in many instances to ancient times. Those who seek to promote it as a new small business idea can be sure they are tapping into something for which interest is rising exponentially.

But any new online business, even an exciting one, needs a website which attracts visits aplenty. Only by generating substantial volumes of dedicated traffic can you hope to put your web-based business onto the map. Having a great idea and a positive mental attitude will take you so far, in business as in life, but they won’t attract surfers to a website which nobody knows exists.

Good Content Is King

Search engines are constantly updating and refining their algorithms to try to ensure that the most deserving content gets to the top of the listings. Industry leader Google infamously keeps its criteria for awarding authority a closely guarded secret, but thanks to informed outlets such as the Search Engine Journal we are able to achieve some kind of insight into the way they work. And what is becoming increasingly clear is that the days of the spammy website blagging its way to the top of the listings is over. The old adage that Content is King can be amended to read Good Content is King.

Which brings us back to alternative medicine. Websites offering everything from herbal bodybuilding supplements to cannabis have proliferated in recent years and if you wish to join this veritable stampede then you will need to optimize your website with a view to getting ahead of the competition. To do this you need to identify keywords, and engage upon a strategy of soliciting good quality inbound links as well as linking out to authoritative sources yourself.

Ways of Achieving Inbound Links

Links are easy to get, good quality links much harder. For the purposes of SEO, when we speak of generating inbound links we are talking about devising strategies for getting links to our own published web material from other, better known sites with higher search engine recognition. This can mean guest posting on the websites and blogs of others with a link back to your own work, or signing up to some of the bigger and better web directories. A persistent link building strategy should in the fullness of time lead to Google and the other search engines recognizing you as a big player in the market, and awarding you credit as applicable.

Finding New Keywords and Owning Them

In the context of herbal remedies, being a relatively new line of business on the internet it is likely that there will be much to be gained by claiming ownership of some important keywords which may not have been fully exploited hitherto. That it not to say success on the search engines is not already a competitive market, but it is likely that there will still be the odd niche out there waiting to be tapped into.

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