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5 Ways to Win in Business with a Positive Mental Attitude

Business, Motivation / 29 Mar 2019

Success in business is mostly about attitude. Sure you need the right product to sell and a business model which is sound and that is going to work, but no amount of preparation will bring you success if your attitude sucks. If you tell yourself from the off that you are going to fail it is just inevitable that your prediction will come true. So here’s a few pointers towards ensuring that you have the right frame of mind to succeed:

#1: Always See the Bigger Picture

When you limit your goals you place a ceiling on your ambitions. Of course you need to be realistic as to what is achievable but try to see your next target as just one more rung on a very long ladder, not as your final objective. Some in the scientific community even believe that positivity releases more energy, enabling you to physically achieve better things. The only limits to what you can do are those you set in your own mind. Stay motivated.

#2: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Asking for help is not a weakness, neither is it shameful. Nor indeed is it a sign of defeat, but rather of skill in the art of delegation. Nobody would employ anyone if they could do everything by themselves. Take on outside labor once it becomes practical to do so, and be open to using the services of experts in the field, whether it be those with specialist knowledge and abilities or general authorities in the art of business management like

#3: Delegate Responsibility, Not Blame

“The Buck Stops Here” was a sign permanently situated on the desk of the late President Harry S. Truman. As the owner of the business you are responsible for everything that happens within it for better or for worse. If certain members of staff are not pulling their weight that is your fault too. You took them on, you trained them. Move them on if they can’t do the job and replace them with someone who can, but always take responsibility.

#4: Shine Your Light upon Those Around You

If your positive attitude creates energy then why not create some more by spreading your happiness and enthusiasm around the workplace? Remember, a contented workforce is a productive workforce – ensure that those who work for you have pride in your company and come to work filled with drive and enthusiasm for the demands of the day ahead.

#5: Positive Mental Attitude

These three magic words encapsulate everything, and should be the watchword of your enterprise. PMA has driven every success in science, sport, technology, art, music, literature – indeed every field of endeavor known to man. Embrace positivity and see every problem as a challenge as opposed to an obstacle. Your positivity will rub off on your staff, but so will negativity if you allow it to. Stand tall, and forever be the change you seek.

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