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5 Productivity-Boosting Tips for Remote Workers

Career / 25 Jul 2019

If you’re currently working as a remote worker then you’ll know just how difficult it can be to stay focused at times. While it might seem easy at first, you’ll start to realize that you can take more and more shortcuts that will ultimately make you lazier and less productive.

So in this article, we’re going to teach you a few tips to help ensure that you stay as productive as possible when working away from the workplace, or if you’re a freelancer looking to improve their productivity.

#1: Don’t Abuse Your Freedom

Regardless if you’re an online entrepreneur or working for a company, working remotely gives you the opportunity to set your own work hours, you can work where you want and you can put as much or as little effort as you choose. While this is fantastic for most people, it can easily be abused if you’re not careful.

As a result, don’t abuse your freedom. Make sure you stick to a schedule, don’t use your “I can work anywhere” card as an excuse to go all over the city during the day and put a heavy emphasis on finishing your work on time much like a regular job.

#2: Set regular work hours

As part of the goal of not abusing your freedom, it’s important to set regular work hours. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • You’ll be less distracted by friends and family members who are off work or school
  • You can build a predictable routine to make yourself more comfortable
  • It’s easier to manage than a random schedule

Set yourself up to work regular hours much like any other job. While this might seem counterintuitive since you have the freedom to work when you want, it still falls in line with the goal of reducing how often you abuse your freedom.

#3: Find a good workspace

Many remote employees just work at home. However, if you’re willing to head outside and branch out a little, you’ll find that there are plenty of alternatives such as a hot desk (essentially a coworking environment) and even comfortable cafés around the city that will give you a convenient place to work and also get refills on drinks.

#4: Remove distractions from your computer

Distractions are difficult to avoid, especially when they’re on your computer. For example, if you’re constantly looking at social media then you should focus on trying to keep those tabs closed or even find a way to restrict yourself from opening them. If it’s something that would get you in trouble in a regular office workplace, then you should avoid doing it as a remote worker.

#5: Remember to Stretch

Lastly, remember to stretch now and then. As a remote worker, it’s easy to completely forget about breaks, especially if you’re at home. Make sure you get up and stretch every now and then to keep your joints engaged and to give yourself an excuse to get a drink, lunch or even go to the toilet.

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