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How to Motivate Your Colleagues in Business

Motivation / 10 Mar 2021

If you run a business or are a leader within a larger company, one crucial part of your job is to be a motivator. Without this skill, you will fall short when leading your colleagues through any difficult project or crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that crises come when we least expect them, and that all business leaders need to be prepared to shepherd their company, and the humans that work within it, through the storm.

Motivating others requires more than having inspirational fridge magnets up around the office. In this article we will explore ways to motivate your colleagues, boosting productivity and helping individuals thrive in the workplace.

Book a Guest Speaker

One way to pique people’s interest and boost their motivations is by booking a guest speaker. Sometimes it’s better that inspirational or thoughtful lectures come from those outside the business; this is because it feels less like “work”, and more like a perk, to your colleagues. Plus, guest speakers who are successful in their field can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table; for employees within the belly of the beast that is your company, this can only be a good thing.

Guest speakers such as Chike Aguh can be booked through agencies or as freelancers. This can be a great boost for all involved in your company and inspire people across all departments.

Mentor Individuals for Personal Development

One thing that many business leaders miss out on is the opportunity to coach people individually. When people think of team motivation, they think of team building exercises and group efforts that help build relationships and form strong bonds at work. While this is crucial for any team, it does miss a trick when it comes to personal development.

Coaching and mentoring individuals for personal development is a great way to motivate colleagues for the following reasons:

  • It makes people feel seen and cared about. There is great power in making individuals feel cared for at work, and mentoring is a great way to do this.
  • A person who is thriving on an individual level will be a better team player and asset to the company as a whole.
  • If you show investment in them as a person, they are likely to stay with the company instead of taking their talent elsewhere.

Incentivize the Team

One typical way to motivate people at work is by providing incentives. While these can turn toxic if you aren’t careful, the right kind of incentives, such as perks including opportunities to travel with work, vouchers for restaurants or spa days, could really revolutionize people’s motivations. It is easy to get stuck in a cycle of mediocrity at work, so by incentivizing people, this cycle can be broken by encouraging them to try harder.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for ways to motivate your colleagues and employees at work, use this guide to help you achieve this! Motivated teams are bound to work smarter, harder and more willingly than those who are stuck in a cycle of boredom or dissatisfaction.

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