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A Surprising Idea: Escape Rooms in a Post-Pandemic World

Business / 29 Mar 2021

The first escape room business opened its doors in 2007. As of 2019, the industry counts approximately 14,000 escape rooms all around the world. Yet, enthusiastic players and owners are the first to notice that despite its rapid growth, the escape room market is far from being saturated. There is still plenty of room for newcomers to build their presence.

In a post-pandemic economy, it can seem odd to consider a business model that focuses entirely on “locking” people indoors. However, this is precisely the reason why escape room companies have huge growth potential as the world goes back to normal after the covid crisis.

Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

The clue is in the name. Escape rooms provide escapism. They enable individuals to become the heroes of their own stories for the duration of the game. During 60 minutes – the average duration of an escape game –, you can forget everything about day-to-day pressure, stress at work, or even financial worries. In an escape room, you become the person who saves the world from a zombie apocalypse, retrieves a lost treasure in the sea, or helps the police arrest a wanted suspect. Therefore, games can dramatically reduce stress levels, while the adrenaline rush is an immediate mood-booster.

It is fair to say that heightened anxiety levels will be a worry in a post-pandemic economy. Going back to normal life is going to take its toll on mental health. Therefore, escaping reality will be more important than ever!

Maximizing the Online Presence

Escape room ventures often start as a side hustle for many owners. It is a weekend-only business that needs to be grown gradually. As such, it’s not uncommon for owners to approach the venture with a gig economy mindset. In other words, most escape room businesses start small during your spare time and grow more aggressively as your side hustle finances settle. During the pandemic, a lot of creatives have utilized their online presence to gain awareness and momentum. Many are using this unique opportunity to create an online game first before building a physical room. Therefore, for new players, the digital offer can encourage them to try out new things safely from home. Not everyone is ready to go back to normal life, so a company that provides both online and offline services can bridge the gap.

Turn Your COVID-Safe Strategy Into an Asset

Going back to physical rooms, escape room businesses can make the most of their creative setups to introduce covid-safe items in everyday activities. Thermographic cameras can be a great way of scanning visitors for signs of fever. However, these cameras are unlikely to remain in service in small businesses in the long-term future – find out more about how they work here. But they can be repurposed as part of a puzzle. For instance, a code could be hidden behind a wall using temperature to write symbols.

Similarly, masks are likely to be mandatory in most indoor businesses. But they can also be part of your marketing strategy. A place such as here encourages small companies to create and market their designs. You could promote branded masks for your company.

Playfulness and safety come together in the escape room industry. They help individuals go back to their lives safely, providing mental health support and adapting to a changing environment. We can expect a boom in the escape room economy in a post-pandemic world!

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