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Crossbow Sales Surge Is Great News for the Sports Business

Business / 27 Mar 2019

Sport, like any form of recreation, is impacted by both economic and social factors and archery is no exception. It is not by accident that whilst local employment issues in areas in which they are most popular have impacted negatively upon sales of high-end straight bows, there has been a roughly corresponding increase in demand for crossbows.

Amongst the hunting community, crossbows offer a more user-friendly option for those who have physical constraints. They are also becoming increasingly well-loved amongst children, who find them easier to use as with the mechanisms there are not the demands of strength involved that are required to pull a compound bow. Used in a responsible way and with the correct supervision it is pretty much a safe sports option and a healthy alternative to hanging out on street corners and inviting trouble.

Increased Interest in Crossbows Creates Options for Small Businesses

At the basic end crossbows are relatively inexpensive, and that is a bonus not only for buyers but also for SME suppliers. Outdoor Life magazine provides some useful information about some of the specific products which are available out there. A cheap crossbow package can begin at under $300 although understandably more sophisticated models retail for much more. A new trader wanting to go into the business has the option either of purchasing supplies upfront, possibly through having first obtained a start-up business loan, or operating on a drop shipping basis by selling for another supplier for a commission.

Obligations for Sellers Under Legislation

Unlike in some other countries, crossbows in the US are not considered to be a firearm. Nevertheless in the wrong hands they are still potentially lethal and therefore there are both moral and legal obligations upon businesses which sell them. Specific legislation varies from state to state, with some jurisdictions disallowing their use for hunting under “bow only” rules, others permitting them only for the disabled and others still treating them with the same rules and regard as compound bows. There are other rules in certain areas such as the fairly common requirement for crossbows to be transported in an uncocked position.

Anybody who is in the business of selling crossbows and other archery equipment is required to be cognizant of the law where they are located and can be prosecuted for transgressing.

Promoting Your Product on the Shelves

If your business model focuses around a physical store, with bows and other related equipment on open display, there are some common sense strategies out there for making your outlet more aesthetically appealing with a view to maximizing sales. The first is to ensure that your website is inviting as that is often your customer’s first port of call. When potential buyers do arrive consider keeping them there as long as you can by incorporating a café into your shop. Make sure you are on top of your subject and provide information and expertize for those who are in need of a bit of help.

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