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Managing a Diverse Workforce

Management / 04 Feb 2020

Today’s workforces are more diverse than ever before. While diversity should be championed and celebrated, it can bring challenges for leaders. The infographic below provides an insight into the diversity of modern workforces, the primary challenges faced by business leaders and steps that can be taken to create cohesion.

Our workplaces are more diverse than they have ever been, and there have been significant increases in the number of female and non-majority employees joining teams in recent years. More than 40% of new employees within the current workforce are from minority groups, and 57% of the workforce is female.

Employing a diverse range of employees offers a host of benefits for employers, but there may also be difficulties associated with leading diverse groups. People have different approaches to authority, there may be differences in work ethic and ambitions, communication preferences might vary and leaders might struggle to bring people from different backgrounds together in a way that works for individuals and the business.

The key to overcoming potential obstacles is to recognize barriers, address issues swiftly and actively encourage inclusion and communication. Providing training and introducing policies and guidelines that facilitate collaborative working, mutual respect and tolerance can also prove beneficial.

Over 85% of global enterprises view diversity as crucial for growth and innovation. If you run a business, or you’re keen to become a leader one day, it’s incredibly useful to recognize the importance of being able to manage diverse groups. Take a closer look at the infographic below to find out more.

Infographic Created By Norwich University

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