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Drop Shipping in Glitz and Glamor

Business, Management / 08 May 2019

Essentially there are two ways in which a new online retail business can service the growing demand for its products. The first is to physically store items which can then immediately be shipped on to the customer once they have been ordered. Depending upon the product involved, this may be achievable if your home is large enough or if the items themselves are small.

The second is a system in which an order is taken by the small entrepreneur as an intermediary and then passed immediately to a supplier who will effect delivery. Inspired by the growth of affiliate marketing in which the small trader can share in the success of the larger company, many are opting for his same simple model. The idea seems to be that if Amazon and other giants like can make fortunes by selling more or less anything online, the smaller business can also prosper by following essentially the same principle.

Jewelry Is an Excellent Market for Drop Shipping

Of course which model you decide to opt for might depend very much upon the size and shape of the product that you are selling. If your thing is vehicles then it is very unlikely that you will have enough space at your home to retain stock. With an item like jewelry though it is entirely feasible that the vendor will have some room to retain produce. But then portability is not the whole story. It is also very possible that you will not have the cash flow to enable the purchase and storage of large volumes of stock. The answer lies in an online virtual store such as that which can be seen at

In fact jewelry is an ideal commodity for a drop ship operation. Popular amongst all classes of people, it is also accessible and is priced at a level which is broadly affordable to most shoppers looking in.

Start with a Website and a Supplier

The big advantage to drop shipping is that all you will really need to go into business is a website with a shopping cart and a supplier at the ready.

Well not quite. It could also reasonably be pointed out that you will need commitment, time, the services of a good book-keeper or accountant and a business plan. But these are considerations for another article – the bottom line remains that with a “shop window” style website and a sought-after product you will be in business without further ado.

And then it is simply a case of marketing your website, which will be a skin for the actual supplier of the goods, and collecting commission from the real seller when orders are placed through them via your site. It is a simple way to do business with the minimum of outlay but in recent years it has become surprisingly popular. For your part your role is to market the goods and optimize your website to receive the volume of visits that will be necessary to draw business.

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