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Why the Best Investment Is Always Going to Be You

Lifestyle / 02 Apr 2021

You are your best investment. The reason for that is that there’s only one of you, and the way in which that investment pays off is by putting in the work to do so- to be in charge of your own destiny.

We’re all guilty of putting everyone and everything before ourselves. Whether that’s our families, partner, work, or people in our communities, there is always going to be some reason or another to not focus on ourselves.

You are full of all sorts of untapped potential, and if you spend all your time focusing on others then it’s just going to stay as just that…potential. However, if you take some time out to invest in yourself, then you will have bigger, more powerful tools to help you to invest in others to do exactly the same.

The beauty of investing in yourself is that it doesn’t have to require any more time or even money that you’re not already using to invest in others. When you work on yourself, there are the same 24 hours, the same 365 days as there always had been, you’re just learning how to shift your priorities.

Why Should I Invest in Myself?

Taking the time to invest in growth in both a personal and professional sense won’t just help to build a successful future, but will also benefit your life right now.

Self-investments and the time and money spent doing them will impact your quality of life that you will experience both now and in the future. It is a known fact that the most widely known successful people are able to put their success down to the time they spent investing in their personal development.

An investment in yourself means that you are able to create a foundation for yourself that is strong and secure enough to build upon for the rest of your life. These strong foundations will give you the ability to perform, prosper, achieve and live your best life–all while making way for others around you to do the very same thing.

But how can one take the time to invest in themselves? Here are some examples of the best ways that you can invest in yourself and reap the benefits.

Your Health and Wellbeing

Your health is important. The main reason for this is that if you become sick,  not only do you spend a while not feeling great, you’re also pretty useless around others, too. Take the time to make sure that your basic needs are looked after. That you’re getting enough rest, enough water, movement throughout the day and that you’re feeding yourself properly.

Stress is one of life’s biggest hindrances, and being surrounded by it as a result of self negligence is going to cause you plenty of issues down the line. Less stress will also help you to sleep better which will, in turn, enhance your overall productivity.

Your mental health should take a priority, too. If you feel out of sorts then you should speak to your doctor about the things that could be causing you excess stress and get any treatment you need to help you along.

Your Self-Development

Self-development can look like a number of things. It could be asking for a mentor at work, or it could be using online course platforms to enroll in various courses that spark your interest in either a personal or professional capacity.

Expanding your skill set is likely to contribute to you earning yourself a rich and rewarding career, as a result of you learning how to manage your workload. This in itself will help you to achieve a better work/life balance as you become more used to working to tighter deadlines.

However, self-development doesn’t just have to look like taking a few courses to improve your skills. It can also come down to enriching the experiences you have in life. That may mean using some of your savings to go traveling, to meet new people who will enhance your life. Solo travel gives people a renewed sense of confidence and purpose that cannot be recreated anywhere else.

Working on your self-development will help you to achieve a better and renewed appreciation for what you have, for your achievements, and job satisfaction overall.

When planning for a prosperous future you should always take the time to see how you can best invest in yourself before placing your focus on other people surrounding you. Invest in you first, reap the benefits and then develop those around you.

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