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20 Jan 2019

Four Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Starting a new business, especially for the first time, can be daunting. Sometimes providing the service itself can seem like the easy part, taking into consideration the demands involved with setting up bank accounts, registering with the appropriate authorities Read More
04 Jan 2019

Overcoming Obstacles to a Contented Workforce

The attitude given off by some business owners that employees can always be replaced is not only uncaring, but is short-sighted too from a management point of view. Time spent training replacements is all time that you’ll never get Read More
15 Dec 2018

Marketing on a Budget

No matter how good a product or service is, it’s not going to sell if nobody knows it is there. This is probably the most fundamental and obvious truism known to the business world. And yet so many entrepreneurs Read More
20 Nov 2018

When the Web Is Your Office and Your Marketplace

At risk of stating the obvious, having an online presence isn’t the same thing as running an online business. Most companies these days, large and small, will have a website or at least a dedicated Facebook page peddling their Read More
07 Nov 2018

The Big Power of Small Business

We hear much about big business and its influence, for better or for worse, over governments and major global events, but did you know that small business contributes approximately one half of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Read More
13 Oct 2018

Sourcing Finance for Small Business

Depending upon the nature of your small business, there is a very good chance that you will need some financial assistance to help you along the way – especially at the beginning. Read More
25 Mar 2018

Strategies for Keeping Your Workforce Motivated

Many employers seem content in their belief that in a fluid labor market it is possible – some even argue beneficial – to be constantly replacing their workforce, hiring and firing low-skilled and easily-trained labor before they have an Read More
28 Jan 2018

Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

As an employer with a staff of several it is almost inconceivable that there will not be occasions when members of staff disagree with one another. Read More
05 Jan 2018

A Useful 5-Point Strategy for Successful Marketing

Devising a marketing strategy is one of the most important tasks facing the owner of any small enterprise. Almost by definition a new business will be offering a service or product that is not widely known amongst prospective buyers. Read More
19 Dec 2017

Tools for Building an Online Business

The internet has transformed shopping habits exponentially, and many of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent years have been those who have risen to the challenge and embraced the new opportunities that the IT revolution has created. A great Read More