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18 Apr 2019

Some Advantages of Relocating to a New Office

Moving your small business operation from one location to another is never without its problems, but nobody ever takes up their proverbial bed and walks without a good reason so when you know the time has come it just Read More
16 Apr 2019

Hostel Ownership as a Business

Hostels are by no means exclusive to younger people. Lots of folk of a mature age stay in hostels in preference to incurring prohibitive hotel bills, quite often when in the midst of an activity which involves repeatedly traveling Read More
13 Apr 2019

5 Useful Guidelines for Trading in Gold

Gold is by some margin the most sought after of all the precious metals. Not only is it valuable by any standard, but it is aesthetically the most attractive decorative metal. People like to wear gold, just as many Read More
11 Apr 2019

Is Supplying Rig Mats a Viable Business Proposition?

What is called a “rig mat” is in fact any kind of industrial access mat design. The industry is not tightly regulated and therefore terminology can sometimes be inexact and at times confusing. Read More
10 Apr 2019

Integrated Software as a Business Development Tool

If you are in the process of setting up a small business which you intend to run from your own home then you will no doubt have researched if not yet actually purchased all the essential kit that you Read More
08 Apr 2019

A Truly Model Business

If the notion of “organs on chips” sounds decidedly unappetizing then the reader should rest assured that this is not some modern day culinary fad, but rather the “chips” in this instance are in fact cell culture chips used Read More
07 Apr 2019

Is It Time Your Business Moved Home?

You’ve set up your own small home-based business. Presumably you have made some progress. Possibly you’ve built it up to a certain stage and are eager to move it up onto another level. But something is holding you back. Read More
29 Mar 2019

5 Ways to Win in Business with a Positive Mental Attitude

Success in business is mostly about attitude. Sure you need the right product to sell and a business model which is sound and that is going to work, but no amount of preparation will bring you success if your Read More
29 Mar 2019

Nothing Is Too Obscure in Buying and Selling

Buying and selling is the bread and butter of small business, indeed probably any business. As any entrepreneur knows the key to it all is to find something to sell both that other people want, and that not too Read More
29 Mar 2019

Don’t Risk Your Business by Engaging Cut-Price SEO Firms

When you set up your small business you put your heart and soul into an endeavor that you hope will bring you success on a level of which you had previously only dreamt. So it is understandable that when Read More